Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Never fear being vulgar, just boring" -Diana Vreeland

I was recently in Karachi on a two week sojourn to catch up with family and as many friends as I could possibly fit in. It wasn't nearly enough time and I was back before I could even warm the soles of my fashion seeking feet. I only barely managed to make a few orders at tried and trusted Sana Safinaz, that process alone took four days of mulling and then finally sealing the orders. I felt quite decadent spending so much moolah all in one go but kept reminding myself I won't be able to come back for months at the least. Two labels I missed checking up on were Body Focus and the eponymous Sadaf Malatere both show cased impressive collections at the Pakistan Fashion Week which was an event that put Pakistani fashion on the global map. Feeha Jamshed and Maheen Karim are two other designers who are my all time favorites and good friends as well I wish I had at least had time to say hi. The city was snoozy and tepid in spirit owing to the recent bombings and the impending anvil of doom was all too present. The strength and determination of its people was there and I felt assured that the people will prevail.

New York: Cold but sunny and stylish as ever. The very first day of my arrival I visited all my favorite haunts. Mink on Mulberry Street, The Second Time Around on Mott, Zara's for a high street update as well as Top Shop. I recently discovered a new old vintage store down Broome Street close to Opening Ceremony where I'm hoping a few select pieces from the Chloe Sevigny collection are still lingering around specially the red suede back pack with my name on it. But I digress, so this store recently discovered, what's special about it is a sizable collection of velvet pirate style jackets. The lining is coming to pieces but the fit is impeccable and the ruffles divine. There are also interesting hats and old coin bracelets to add some old world glam to an everyday ensemble. Speaking of which I'm taking notes from Diana Vreeland and learning to live a little on the let's say un-conventional side and try to be interesting in my wardrobe choices rather than just aesthetically pleasing. For instance it's super early in the morning (specially for a late riser like myself) but here I am in a black and white japanese style woolen cape accessorized with a champagne cocktail ring and very red lips. Now if only I had someone to a photograph me right now....

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