Sunday, April 12, 2009

80's FEVER

I know I've been absent for some time now. A lot of things came up. My writing class just ended. Did I mention I was taking a fashion writing class? Well I was and I still have to finish my assignment. Can't wait to put it up on my blog. Won't give it away beforehand. Promise it will be out soon.

Coming back to this picture. I went to this club with a bunch of friends tonight where they had an Eighties theme night and I had been having a case of the MJ's what with Billie Jean playing on my ipod playlist everytime there is a song request. Plus I recently bought this cool hat. Which I had been eyeing for a while. Hence the Eighties gear. The thing is I buy hats but then I never wear them, I have a feeling though that this time "that" won't be the case. I love it! It's from a hat brand called 'Hat Attack' and I think I'm going to rock it the entire summer season. This club I'm at (in the picture) is called The Pyramid Lounge. It's a cool place but wasn't too impressed, so me and my gang hopped over to another place called 'Sullivan room'. Honestly the cover charges were atrocious specially in these recession ridden times. But the music was surreal. It was this seamless trance beat that kept us glued to the floor for the longest time. 
Anyways part of the reason I convinced myself the hat is a great buy is also because I think what with pockets getting tighter. Accessories is the way to go. In this picture, I have layered up a bunch of old t's. Which coincidentally are all from forever 21, the jeans are old Armani Exchange, the ring is Aldo's and the hoops are from the streets of Karachi-- my city in Pakistan. 

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