Sunday, April 12, 2009


Every magazine I pick up these days; mostly fashion glossies goes without saying, have some celebrity or model sporting a version of the 'Boyfriend Jacket'. Agyness Deyn being one of them. But then again I have since forever seen her sporting them. But you get my drift. So I decided one evening while I had to rush out to get dinner ingredients (sounds better than saying groceries) and did not have time to or the inclination to wear my bulky trench. Decided to throw on this outfit. 
-The white shirt is Giordano; I own two of those, Love 'em.

-The boots are blue and brown Paisley print Wellies I picked up from a small store on the West side.

-The gray sweater is also a nameless little piece I picked up sometime back.

-The cutoff pants are from Pakistan, from a label called Kapray Waghayra. One of my favorite places to shop.

And finally, the jacket belongs to my husband. Who was also the very amused photographer of these pics. So here it is presenting, ahem, 'The Husband Jacket'.
Doesn't get anymore recession proof than this. I sported his cardigan the other day as well while roaming around in Soho. It's an olive green shade and quite large and droopy on me. Paired with a chunky necklace my grandma gave me-- I know how it sounds, a grandma necklace? but believe me my grandma is still a trendsetter back home. I'll post some pics of her as well soon. As proof. Coming back to my outfit, I wore skinny jeans and suede boots and chunky rings on my fingers, my nails a deep shade of red and I was ready to show my fashionable self to the world. And now with this jacket being another inspiration I think I may have discovered another closetful of goodies....

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